mike goes boom

Mike Goes Boom!

Hi everyone, I wanted to see if I could make someone explode ( as you do) through being struck by lightning with visual effects. This is the result. Warning, it is gory. Fake, but gory. My wife suggested I add the disclaimer beforehand incase I offend anyone. Some of you are probably asking,  Umm why make this? … and the answer is, just cause I wanted to 🙂

To give you an idea, below is a still frame from the original video pre-composited. We replaced the sky in the background with a photograph we found of some storm clouds and added the CGI rain, lightning basically everything else using Adobe  After Effects. There are approx 30 individual layers that make up the final composition. Not to mention the 15 or so other layers that have the various sound effects used to create the storm, thunder clap, wind, initial strike, explosion and blood splatters. I actually used a ‘Ghostbusters proton pack turning on’ sound wave to simulate the build up from 1st strike to explosion. Fit rather well.

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